Hey, Jesus loves you…….and He is coming back sooner than you think. Are you ready?

The Gospel message of Jesus Christ is not a religion but an ever increasing spirit-filled life. The teachings of Jesus make you more than a conqueror over abuse, stress, drugs, sickness, evil and multiple disorders. God has made Jesus Lord and Savior of mankind. Don’t let a birth religion hold you back from the love and forgiveness of Jesus. Start experiencing the truth Jesus left his children.

Life is like traveling down a road in search of signs and directions to find the place we are looking for. Sometimes we miss our destination because we we’re too busy or distracted while driving and we miss the signs. God has a book of directions, the Bible, and uses occurrences in our lives as signs to allow the Holy Spirit to write on our hearts the need for Jesus.

Robert would like the opportunity to show you how God’s love through Jesus can deliver you from addictions, heal your mind and body, bless you and most important save your soul from eternal damnation.